Those inner conversations…

Those inner conversations...

So my head can feel like this at times…
Can anyone relate to this?
Well I certainly can.
You see there is immense power in that little voice inside your head.
Power to bring the very best and worst out in you.
Most of us take little notice who that voice is at times.
Sometimes that little voice is a little child.
Throwing a tantrum.
Wanting safety.
Being impatient.
At other times that voice is the wisest thing we will ever hear.
Change jobs.
That relationship is bad for you.
You’re going to make it.
It shouldn’t surprise you that we talk to different evolutions of ourselves all the time.
Remember… Time and space is an illusion.
(A good one at that!)
The trick is to recognize which voice you are talking to.
Whether it’s the future wise you.
Or your inner teenanger.
It’s essential to know who it is.
Because when you recognize this…
You’ll give that voice exactly what it needs to hear.
Once we begin this journey we’ll end up thinking less and acting more.
Fear is replaced by confidence.
Doubt with faith.
So who are you listening to today?
Maybe it’s time you took control of the voices inside your ears.
Chaos will turn to order when we recognize the voice of our future self.
Wisdom will become second nature as your intuition explodes.
(not your head).
You’ll finally begin the journey to becoming who you truly are.