Now Is Your Time

Now Is Your Time
I firmly believe that one of your greatest regrets could potentially come down to one word…
Your life will flash before your eyes one day.
Have you even pondered what it could look like?
There is no greater tragedy than you viewing something you knew could have been better.
You think peak hour traffic is terrible.
You might complain about the weather.
You could even wish for a better home or car.
But guess what?
None of it will ever compare to the feeling of a life you know could have been greater with no more life to live…
I have often wondered what makes us delay.
Why do we love the word ‘tomorrow’ and not the word ‘now’?
There is of course never a simple answer or a ‘one size fits all’ response for everyone.
All I can really do with the space that I have here is remind you today of the dreams and visions that are still inside you.
Of course you could fool me.
You could probably even fool your closest friend.
But can you fool yourself?
For a while…
But not forever.
In the end you’ll only cheat… yourself.
Don’t do this.
I beg you.
For your own good, I want you to do one thing…
Take out your phone and text a friend.
Tell them what you’ve always wanted to do.
Ask them to hold you accountable to it.
Do it… right now.
Don’t delay.
Don’t say ‘tomorrow’
Don’t be that person who checks out of this world owing us all who you really were.
There is no greater time than now.
Because if not now…